Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about our reputation management services.

Who is Reputation Defense Network?

Created in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are surrounded by some of the most innovative and technical talent in the world, and we set out to build a team that would re-define the Internet Content Removal and Search Control space.  Being a team of diverse leadership and entrepreneurial backgrounds, we’ve all experienced some form of online negativity, and we know how that can impact individuals and businesses of all sizes. We take reputation management personally, and we mean it. This personal approach fuels our passion to exhaust every resource available in our legal and technical arsenal.

Can you remove anything? That sounds too good to be true.

You’re right, we can’t always remove anything on the internet, however, we believe that our team incorporates the highest level of innovation and creativity into our strategies.  Combined with our passion for eradicating online negativity, there is good reason we are trusted by some of the most prominent PR, Law, and Digital Marketing firms in the world.

Is it possible for me to just contact the website and remove it myself?

In very rare instances, yes.  While most companies wouldn’t dare to tell you this, we believe in transparency and we also have a passion that goes deeper than charging fees.  We love helping in any way that we can, so if the website in question has an easy process for removing content, we’ll point you in the right direction at no cost.  With that said, we highly recommend that you do not make contact with an offending website before speaking to one of our specialists.  Any communication without a proper strategy in place can compromise our ability to help you in the future.

How long will it take to remove negative content, realistically?

It will depend on the type of content. Generally speaking, most negative content can be removed in 2-14 days, while other more stubborn items can take up to 90 days.  We don’t want to waste anyone’s time so we’ll be upfront about how long we think your project will take and outline that in your contract.

Why do some companies say it’s impossible to remove content from the Internet?

Quite simply – they’d rather lock you into a lengthy contract that entails suppressing or pushing down the negative content. This has been the industry standard approach to online reputation management, and while this is and can be a great option, we opt to have a removal first approach.

What if the content simply can’t be removed, then what?

While our removal first mentality defines our mission to help our clients, we don’t stop there.  Did we mention we live and breathe knowledge of the Google algorithm? If you’re not sure what that means – in simple terms; we take control of search results, and people see what you want them to, and nothing else. Our bespoke, anti cookie-cutter strategies allow us to create the most powerful Search Control™ programs in the industry, with guaranteed results.

How much does this process typically cost?

Depending on your specific situation, we may be able to take care of the issue at a minimal cost.  For more involved removal and suppression campaigns, we may require you to set up a monthly budget until the desired result is achieved. The investment amount will be determined once we know more about your situation. We’ve worked on projects for as little as $1000 and as much as $250,000.  Our solutions are 100% custom-tailored to your brand and the severity of your situation.

What if some of the information is true?

At RDN, we understand that mistakes do happen, and we also believe that people deserve the chance to reshape the way they are represented online, even if their past includes some form of negativity.  With that said, we do have internal ethical guidelines and policies to protect us and the general public.  If we feel we’re not a great fit, we’ll let you know.

What is the defense “Network”?

We have “network” in our name for a reason. While we also have our own programs and an incredibly talented in-house team, we know that’s not always enough. By pushing past our own four walls, we can tap into a robust network of industry insiders, attorneys, and algorithm gurus who have the extra boost to power our existing strategies. Learn more.